Jim Johnson


Owner - Calgary/Edmonton

 Jim started shooting a bow over thirty years ago in his parent's back yard. Starting in 1990, he began working in the industry and has been making a living running archery pro-shops since. Jim started Jim-Bows Archery back in 1999, and is very proud of the shop's success.

Coming from a smaller town west of Edmonton to Calgary has had its challenges, but every obstacle in life does. From a small shop in N.E. Calgary, to a full service pro-shop with lanes now allows them to service and supply customers with the highest standards and quality.

To say that archery is his life is an understatement. Bow hunting and 3-D are it for him. If Jim is not bow hunting, or 3-D shooting, he is thinking about it or doing something to improve his season. Jim has achieved the Grand Master Bowhunter Award, from the Alberta Bowhunters Association.

Jim has enjoyed hunting with his wife Linda for the last few years - being able to see her mature as a great bow hunter and a seasoned 3-D shooter is just as important to him as his own successes. "As corny as it sounds, I take a lot of pride in helping bow hunters achieve their own goals. When they harvest their first animal with their bow, I'm as happy for them as I would be, had I shot the animal myself".