Tightspot Rise 5 Arrow Quiver

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The Rise comes with a loop on the hood to easily hang the quiver in the tree and is four inches shorter than the original, which makes for a more compact and maneuverable design.

If you are serious about hunting and protecting your investment. The new TightSpot rise is unparalleled in value for the money and performance. Never worry about your arrows only the prize in front of you.

Excels in the trees and other close quarter scenarios. With rubber hood inserts to help stop vibration, protection inside for your broadheads and innovative lock system to keep everything secured tight to your riser.

May come with old hood or updated new hood (2023), if you have questions please email us to specify.


  • WEIGHT: 11 oz.
  • LENGTH: 16 1/2″
  • HOOD TO GRIPPER: 14 3/4



Black, Subalpine, Moss Green


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