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Since 1999 our mission has been to share with you our passion for archery. Whether it's for hunting or target archery we are dedicated to outfitting you the first time with the best equipment to match your budget.  

Located in Calgary and Edmonton, we have a premier archery shop and archery range with top-notch equipment and experienced staff. Jim-Bows Archery carries the best archery accessories and archery products from the latest brands. 


All of our products are brand new and are awaiting use by you. We have an archery pro shop that is like no other. Our wide selection of archery accessories will complete any outfit and our knowledgeable staff will help you find exactly what you're looking for as many items are available to try in store before you make your purchase.


The prices of our archery equipment are competitive, but our service can't be beaten. Whether you're a beginner target archer or an experienced hunter, there is nothing better than the sport of archery. Try it out, and we look forward to outfitting you with the best equipment there is. If you're not looking to buy, our staff will teach you how to shoot properly with our individual or group lessons. 

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Hunt Weiser Program started as a collaboration between Bedrock CrossFit and Jim Bows Archery, with an aim to keep hunters fit in the off-season. Using both of their strengths, owners Dawn & Joey, could see that creating a comprehensive program would benefit those with the love of hunting. 

The physical demands of a hunting expedition are no joke, which is where the CrossFit aspect of the program comes into play. The CrossFit like workouts of Hunt Weiser promote functional movements that a hunter will see out in the backcountry during a hunting trip. 

The use of 3D shooting targets and simulating shooting while your heart is elevated, helps to replicate real-life hunting situations and allows our hunters to perfect their aim under pressure.   

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