Jim-bows Junior Archery Club

Jim-Bows Junior Archery Club

In 2015, the Jim-Bows Junior Archery Club was established and includes both our beginner and more experienced junior archers. 

Mission Statement:

  • To promote archery to junior and senior archers
  • To provide a program to foster the training of archery coaches and judges
  • To continue to grow the sport of archery

The Jim-Bows Junior Program is run under the guidelines of the Archery Canada Canbow Program and the Long Term Archer Development Program. These programs were developed to provide archers with the necessary skills to progress in the sport.

The Canbow Program is designed to teach the archers techniques of shooting a bow as well as the rules of safety and etiquette in the sport. The archers are taught the ten shooting steps and technical information about the equipment used.

As the archers progress in skill, they earn badges that they can adhere to an Archery Canada Poster. Beginners shoot from 18m at a 80cm target to ensure success. After they earn the first four badges by achieving specific scores and relating technical knowledge, they move to a 60cm target at 18m. The next four badges are earned at this distance. When these badges are achieved they move to a 40cm target. From here archers can excel to 40cm, 3 spot target.

Technical information is incorporated while the archers do exercises to warm up the muscles they will be using. As the archers shoot, the coaches will give technique advice to the group as well as to individuals. The coaches will attempt to spend an equal amount of time with each archer.

The archers are always encouraged to ask and help answer teammates questions, during the course of the program.

JJAC Membership

Print off your membership form today to become a member of the Jim-Bows Juniors Archery Club.

To register for the junior program, please send an email to

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