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Moose, as we call him, first started shooting in 2010. His first bow was a PSE Fast Flight and from there his addiction began. His passion is hunting and 3D shooting. Despite his youth, he’s a wealth of information, absorbing as much as he can from the others. 


Clair joined the team as a bow technician in 2018 and is also a target archery competitor. She has been shooting for almost two decades. Her favorite part of the job is building creative target arrows and designing infuriating 3D courses. 


Ron was excited to start with Jim-Bows Archery Edmonton in October 2019 and quickly earned the nickname Smart-Ass with his odd sense of humor. He has been a recurve bow shooter most of his life and is working hard on honing his bare bow skills. While he loves Traditional Archery, he is quickly coming to appreciate the world of compound bows. 


Sheridan has been an employee with Jim-Bows Archery Edmonton since 2014 as their first ever employee. In 2012 he bought his first bow and his addiction to the sport started there. After the shop opened he started to ask a lot of questions; we got fed up and hired him. Sheridan has been a great addition to the team and with his knowledge he is happy to help anyone with anything archery related!


Adam has been involved in archery since he was 3. He started working at Jim-Bows archery in 2019, but was volunteering for 2 years prior to getting hired. Adam enjoys bow hunting, fishing, camping, biking, and shooting archery competitively.