Axcel AVX-31 Scope Housing


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The AXCEL® AVX scopes are the Premier archery scopes in the marketplace today.


Top Features:

  • Angled LED light accessory tapped hole to direct the light to the exact center of a lens aiming dot.
  • Anti-glare surface texture to the inside diameter of
    the scope housing to reduce glare.
  • Larger In-line level vile

Available Accessories:

  • AXCEL® AVX Ring Pin – Patented Ring-Pin technology – quick interchangeability of ring pins from .010” or .019” diameter fibers, and your choice of Green, Red, Yellow & Blue fiber colors.
  • Rheostat Cover – Manually adjustable rheostat cover to control pin brightness.
  • Ring Pin and Rheostat Cover combo
  • Scope and Lens combos featuring Doc’s Choice Lenses
  • Long Shade
  • Stepped Shade
  • Torque indicator

Scope Includes:  Level Blank, Lens Retainer, Ring Pin Retainer, larger in-line vial, Lens Spacer

*Made in the USA!

Part Number: AVX3-TC-BK


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